How it all began

How it all began

Well, well, well...THIS finally happened! I took the leap of faith on a vision God gave me and have opened this online boutique. His word is truth. His word is light. His word brings joy to my soul. Seeing his word embellished on shirts and coffee cups is such a great reminder of who He is and who we are in Him. It is also a great way to spread His love around by displaying it. As you can see in my products, I love to use different translations of the Bible such as The Passion, The Voice, Message, etc... 

I am a mom to a 4 year old. I am a wife to a husband in the restaurant business. I am a lover of God's presence. I am embracing the creativity that my Heavenly Father has given me. I want to spread His love around like wildfire so that everyone can experience Him for who He really is. If everyone knew who Jesus, God, our Heavenly Father really is and what He is like, then everyone would be in love with Him just as I am. We aren't there yet but I know we can be. Who says a simple t-shirt or coffee mug cannot change the world? For it is His truth that shall set us free. It is His word that can capture the hearts of billions. It is His love that won me over and will do the same for everyone. 

Be clothed in love. 

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