FOCUS this New Year

FOCUS this New Year

It’s a New Year and I’m sure by now you have reflected on 2022 and all that transpired in your life including the good, bad, and everything in between.

I for one have, and while I can say that 2022 was filled with so many amazing memories there were also things I wouldn’t have necessarily picked for myself. Let’s be real, I’m sure you feel the same way. The more I have been reflecting and praying, the more the Lord has so kindly shown me that the reason I struggled through some things were because of my focus.

When we focus on something, we are giving it our full attention, studying it out, while learning and taking in every detail we see. There are times I have been so focused on the Lord and then there were times I let the distractions of life completely blindside me and take my eyes off of God.

Let me just say it like it is: life isn’t always cupcakes and rainbows. There will be storms, and heartaches, and let-downs, and valleys. It’s a part of our lives until we get to Heaven. I don’t say all this to worry you but I say it to give you hope because even though these things may come, we don’t have to let them define us! Life is full of high’s and low’s but we must learn to fight for what is ours and that nothing worth fighting for is easy. (That’s how the Lord laid upon my heart to create the design above)

Jesus is who defines us! He is who created us in His perfect image and He is the One who is after our hearts. And as we fix our focus on Him and becoming like Him, the less the troubles and distractions around us will have an effect on us.

Prayer for the New Year
Father God, thank you for another year to live!
Thank you Jesus that every day is a new day to experience you for who you really are.
Holy Spirit, I invite you into every part of my life, not just my most proud moments but my every-day-mundane moments. I invite you into the nitty-gritty areas, places that no one else sees where I struggle.
Jesus, my heart is to become like you!
Help me to keep my gaze on you, on what you’re saying and doing and help me to be a reflection of that.
You alone are my heart’s desire!

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