Deep Roots Equal a Firm Foundation

Deep Roots Equal a Firm Foundation

I will be the first to say that I firmly know all good things come from God and He never causes anything bad or harmful on His children. I also believe that God uses all things for His glory and will use the most difficult and dark places to shine His light, all while growing us in the process. Recently, I found myself in that exact spot. April 27, 2019 was my husband and I’s five year wedding anniversary. We were having the time of our life celebrating in Key West, Florida.

We were shark fishing that day, far out beyond any cell service. Our fishing trip had come to an end and we were on our way back in, when I decided to see if I had any service on my cell phone. I picked up my phone and it immediately began to be filled with multiple messages, missed calls and voicemails. As I tried to make sense of what was going on, the first one I read said, “you need to call me right now!” My heart dropped in that moment thinking what if my son was hurt and as I started to tell my husband my phone began to ring. It was as if the moment had froze in time. One of our businesses had caught on fire. As we began to get details we were relieved that thankfully no one was hurt and the building only had minor damage.

We returned from our trip two days later to begin the process of dealing with the aftermath of getting the restaurant reopened and all that it entailed. To say it was a process would be such an understatement. Every single time we thought something was going to get accomplished there was another set back. I could literally feel the weight of the devil on my shoulders and was mentally overwhelmed. We needed to get reopened and get these employees working again ASAP. I was so disgusted with the situation. I felt so overwhelmed and defeated that I honestly couldn’t even pray.

I felt like I was in a nightmare that was never going to end. Fast forward and we’ve reopened for three weeks now! I would be lying if I didn’t tell you there was a fear in the back of my head lingering as to whether we would be busy or not. I am happy to report that God blew that lie up in an instant! We have been doing better than ever!!


You know those times when a storm comes through, and the immature trees seem to get uprooted and destroyed by the littlest of winds yet the big mature trees stay rooted through it all. I am learning that through the storms of life is where our maturity in God is tested.

We all go through storms. It’s just part of life. But it’s in those storms that we get to hold on and let God do what He does best. This was a learning and growing process for me, just as each storm is. I am learning to keep my eyes fixed on Him, to not focus on the storm but the one who controls it all. I am growing, my roots are becoming deeper and deeper, and Father is revealing to me where my roots need to grow even more. It’s ok to admit you feel helpless. It’s ok to feel overwhelmed. Just remember not to stay there. There is always victory in Jesus!

I pray that your roots in Him would grow deeper and deeper and I challenge you to share your growing moments with others. They may be right where you are and need that word of encouragement.


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