Jesus Over Everything

Jesus over Everything

Do you ever hear God whispering to you to take the next step and you push Him to the side, thinking "no way!?" Trust me, I have been there. Actually, I just went through it. I was at that point in my life that I had become quite comfortable; so comfortable that I could just stay warm and cozy in my little spot while patting myself on the back for the nice job that I was doing. I mean, I was doing it unto the Lord, right?!

As much as God loves to see us happy, He loves even more for us to be full of Him and living out the purpose and plan He has for our life. He loves us so much that He constantly has new heights and depths to take us and help us grow. And with new places comes new adventures. 

Last fall, I started hosting a monthly women's worship night in my home. It was a dream that God had placed in my heart a couple years back in a house that we hadn't even built at the time. Two years ago, we weren't even in this house and I only had a keyboard to write and worship. Fast forward to last year, we were in our new home and a baby grand sat there in the corner. Roughly 12 women or so in my home gathered around this piano as worship filled the room. Dreams had come to life. Dreams you could reach out and touch, as tangible as His presence. 

I took this past summer off but started the worship nights back up last month and I will continue them until God tells me otherwise. You see, when I started those worship nights up I felt God was using me to minister to people. Little did I know, He had greater plans to stretch me, to mold me, to change me. I've learned so much in this past year about myself and the way God's Kingdom operates just by hosting these worship nights. I've opened my home to countless women across the community; many who I had never met or seen. I was able to connect with people and just allow God to use me to give them a night of rest in His presence. 

As the summer had been passing, I knew God was calling me to step deeper in. There was an opportunity for me to start playing backup piano at church. I was absolutely not ready for that and felt like I wouldn't be for a while. Playing piano by yourself is totally different than playing with a full band; Not to mention, being live-streamed and in front of an audience. Plus, I was so used to singing all the time and using that gift that I almost felt empty without it being on the forefront.

There were many times I was needing to step up but I just kept avoiding it. After all, I was so comfortable where I was. But of course, God wanted more for me and He used my seven-year-old son to speak to me since I didn't want to listen. Two separate times my son randomly asked me why mommy played piano at home but never at church. My response was simply, "I don't know." Just a day or two after he asked me the second time, I learned that someone had stepped back for a while and the spot would be open for me to help. I knew it was time. Did I feel ready? No. Did I feel like my skills were good enough? Absolutely not. Was it going to be scary? Yes. Was I going to mess up? Of course.

We all want to feel important, to feel known, and to be used. God see's us exactly like that and it's up to us to respond to Him. I was pondering on Proverbs 3:5-6 and just got caught up on that word acknowledge.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths. Proverbs 3:5-6

In all your ways acknowledge Him. How do you exactly acknowledge God? I know that when my husband enters a room, I acknowledge Him. How? Out of respect, I stop what I'm doing and speak to him. Out of love, I see if there is anything that I can do for him. Isn't that how we should be with our Heavenly Father? Each day we greet Him, we take time to listen to Him, hear Him out and see if there is anything He would like for us to do. I know I love my husband so much I want to do whatever I can to make him happy, to please him, to let him know that I care and  appreciate him. That's exactly how our lives for Christ should be.

We have to stop ignoring God and pushing him to the side. It's time we acknowledge Him for who He really is and show Him that our love for Him outweighs any fear we may have. Yes, we may not know exactly where He is calling us or how we are even going to get there. The unknown can surely be scary but listening to God shouldn't be. If God promises to follow us every single day of our life with His goodness and mercy and we know that His promises never fail, then what do we have to fear?!

Fall in love with Jesus. Fall so deeply and madly in love with Him that whatever He asks you to do, you don't have to think twice. Pursue Him above everything else. Comfortability has no place in the Kingdom. If you want growth, change is required. If you want to experience every facet of God and His love, you have to get up, get going, and follow His voice wherever it may take you.



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