Thoughts from my heart

As I was reading Psalms this morning, I read this:

"I delight to fulfill your will, my God, for your living words are written upon the pages of my heart." ~Psalms 40:8

As I read that verse, it was like fresh revelation to me. Every truth, every promise, every blessing, every word He ever spoke, is written on our hearts. The heart speaks in so many volumes because it is the lifeline of the body in the natural and supernatural. Where some parts of the body are less important, the heart is what pumps blood (life) into the body. In the supernatural, the heart also represents the heart of the Father. It is that secret place found through intimacy with Him. And it is in the secret place that you will find what He has written on your heart.
When people talk about the heart of a matter or the heart of something, they are referring to the center or core or main area. Like the heart of a home is a kitchen, it is where most people share time together and that causes the body or people to function together properly. When we live out of the heart, where God has written His living words, we live from a place of intimacy. We allow Him to live through us and give Him free reign as to what He wants to accomplish.
It is about His words on our heart. Out of our hearts should flow life, truth, abundance, Heaven! If in alignment with the Father, our Heart will reveal the same things as His heart. If we aren't seeing these things, then this is a mere reflection of whether we are fulfilling His will or our own.
I want to encourage you that if you feel your heart isn't reflecting His, ask Him to speak to you. Ask Him to draw you closer so that He can reveal to you the things He has written on your heart. And ask Him to help you do His will. Ask Him for a heart transplant straight from heaven!


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