Thoughts from my heart

I don't know how you are in your time with God but I love to put on some good worship music and just start praying and then find somewhere to read. Everybody has a different way and that's great because everyone connects to God differently but I want to encourage you this morning to just be quiet for a little while with no music and no words. I confess I am the first guilty of playing worship music to get my quiet time going because my heart is to worship Him, but sometimes we can get so caught up in blasting music and telling God what all we have to say that we don't allow room for Him to actually speak. 
As much as God loves to hear us sing songs to Him and pray to Him about things, He longs for us to be silent so He can speak. And it's not a control thing with Him, it's that He is after our heart. If we aren't careful, we can block the very thing He wants to tell us. He wants us to become so comfortable and hungry for Him at the same time that we allow Him to have free reign and do what needs to be done. Sometimes He needs to wreck the very plan we put together.
Ask Him to speak to you. And you will find the more you honor Him and what He wants to do, the more He will pour into your heart. Silence in the natural isn't silent in the supernatural. Your silence to Him resonates across Heaven. 


P.S. Here's a song that seems so fitting
In the Quiet by Will Reagan

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