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Step Out of the Boat

I see you. Hanging out in your boat, the one you have grown oh so comfortable in. The one you've been in for quite some time and it's become your safe place. But then there's a voice. A voice among the waters that calls you out in the unknown. It's the clear whisper of the Father that's telling you to step out somewhere you've never been.

I've been there. Tomorrow marks exactly two years ago when I stepped out of my boat. Tomorrow marks two years that Clothed in Love has officially been in business. The funny thing is that this wasn't a life long dream of mine. It wasn't even something that I had in the back of my head for a couple years. 

When I finished my M.B.A. ( Masters in Business Administration) in the fall of 2013, I began putting in multiple job applications and even landed a handful of interviews but nothing seemed to work out. I became so frustrated with myself and the enemy tried to use every door that shut in my face as a way to convince me that I wasn't enough and my degree was a waste. 

After becoming so worked up about it, my husband so lovingly told me that he didn't want to see me frustrated and that something would come. For now, I could help him with his businesses and with our toddler (at the time). Fast forward two years, and my husband and I were having casual conversation of a business that I could possibly start and enjoy doing. The thought came forward about me starting a christian clothing boutique and just like that I threw it to the back burner. About two months later, that idea really grabbed ahold of me and I felt God telling me to step out. With a love tap from the hubby to "go for it" and faith that God hadn't told me to for no reason, I did it!

I'm not here to tell you some overnight success. I'm not even typing this to tell you about success period. Yes, I am very successful but I don't just count that financially. Clothed in Love is successful because I obeyed the whisper that called me out of my boat. Did I have fear? Of course. Were there times I felt lost and frustrated? Yes. But every moment has been a learning experience, a closer walk with Father God, and a deeper step into His heart.

You see, the more we listen and obey His voice, the more clearer we can hear it the next time. Hearing His voice is a muscle we have to work. The more we listen for and obey, the easier it is to hear and respond quicker. 

When I was finishing that degree, I wanted a now result but God had to prepare my heart for what He wanted to do. Don't become easily frustrated when you don't see the progress or answer that you want. It's a process for a reason. Skipping a step will alter the final product. There is beauty in the waiting.

Maybe you're suppose to open an adoption agency. Maybe you're suppose to reconcile a broken relationship. Maybe God's leading you to a new job. Whatever He is calling you to do, do it! Step out of the boat.


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