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                                                   Stay in Your Lane
I was talking with a friend recently and we began to talk about how easy it is to look at people's lives and wish they were ours. I am sure you can relate. There is always that one thing we can feel like we are missing. Maybe it's that friend who looks like they have the perfect marriage, or the girl who always has the prettiest hair and makeup. Maybe it's the person who just bought their dream house, or the family that always seems to have perfect get-togethers.

Stop looking at others on their journey and wishing that was you. Why?! Simple. 1. Because you don't really know half of what their journey is. 2. You don't know the sacrifices it took for them to get there. 

Stay in your lane. Focus on you and your life. Stop wishing away what you think you want and live the life that God has called you to. So many times we can drool over what we think looks better than what we have, when in reality that person is going through hell.

Life is a journey and we are each on different roads. While some of us are currently on freeways, just riding by without a care in the world, others are hitting potholes literally every mile and being rerouted due to wrecks along the way. No matter if you feel like your life is going perfect or you feel like you are on the highway to hell, I can promise you this: It's for a season. As long as you know you are obeying God, He will never mislead you and there is something better ahead.

Stop trying to figure out the answer for everything and trust that He knows better. Don't let the roads of unfamiliarity and uncomfortable make you quit. Some roads just plain stink but they won't last a lifetime. Be content with where you are in your journey and know that God has you there for a purpose. Learn to focus on your path and how you can make it better, rather than wishing you were on a different road.

I will fix my mind on Your instructions
    and my eyes on Your path.
I will find joy in Your ordinances;
    I will remember Your word forever.
Psalm 119:15-16


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