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God's speaking Are you listening

Have you ever been in a situation that maybe you didn't know what to do? You felt lost or afraid, unsure of what to do next. And then all of a sudden someone randomly messages you to tell you that God wanted you to know everything is going to be ok.

Maybe you were having a horrible day. Nothing seemed to go right and everything felt like it was working against you. And then you pull up in the Chic-fil-a drive thru line and they say the person in front of you paid for your food.

I want to tell you that these acts of confirmation and God speaking to you aren't just coincidental or random. They are planned by God but they are carried out by man. And just like God has used people to speak life into you, He wants to use you the same way. And the more you listen to His voice and act on it, the easier it gets.

Sometimes, God has spoken to me about someone and it is so random that fear tries to creep in to tell me that God didn't really tell me that but I've had to learn to quiet the voice of the enemy. But how did I learn that, you ask?! I had to make a decision for myself that it's far more important to listen to God than to be afraid of what someone will think. And when someone tells me they are in tears because of the way God is speaking to them, I thank God that I was obedient to His voice.

All of a sudden a person you know pops into your head and then you hear or even just feel words of affirmation about that person of how God see's them. Tell that person what God is saying about them and wants them to know.
You have a dream about a person you know (not even a close friend) and even though it may not make much sense to you, tell that person the dream and what you feel God is saying about it.
Ex. 3
You're reading your bible and all of a sudden a particular person pops into your head regarding that verse. Share it with them.


Don't take the things that God is trying to tell you for granted. You never know how desperately someone needs to hear the words that God has given you for them. God wants to use you. Will you listen for His voice and respond to the call?

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