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How many times do we see someone post the 30 days of thankful on Facebook in November and cringe?! Let's be honest; sometimes things can become so cliche and overused we become numb to them. But I want to talk about a genuine and real heart of thankfulness. 

Being thankful isn't about Fall or November. It's not even really about Thanksgiving day. Being thankful isn't an emotion or a feeling. It's a position our heart holds towards the One who gave it all. You cannot be thankful for something that you don't value. And because I value God's gracious love and mercy so much, I will forever be thankful for them. It's not a flip-flop of a coin on whether or not one day I am thankful. When I choose to focus on Him and His goodness, then I will always have a thankful heart. Why?!

Because He is the God of abundance. I will never lack or go without one good thing. He will always provide more than enough. He is a good, good Father. It's His very nature to be good and all that He has for me is good. When I focus on who He is to me and choose to live daily from that place, my heart will always remain thankful. 

This world can make things so wishy-washy but the Kingdom of God will never change. I am learning more and more each day on how the things of God are so constant. Shift your focus on Him. Become grounded in who He is and who He says you are. You are a living vessel that He created to worship and glorify Him. Let your life be a reflection of that.
 Let joy be your continual feast. Make your life a prayer. And in the midst of everything be always giving thanks, for this is God’s perfect plan for you in Christ Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18


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