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We are a world surrounded by busy. Busy with work, busy with kids, busy with church. Just plain busy.

I’ll be the first one to tell you that my life is busy.

But I have to remember this: you can't do it all and you certainly weren’t made to.

Now of course we can all say our jobs and kids and extra activities can make us busy but the truth is doing “church” can also be too much.

I want to focus on the church side. (cue the crickets)

Churches have done such an awesome job of having different programs, outreaches, ministries, etc. There are so many ways to get involved at church and different areas to be used by God. But did you know before you commit yourself to any other ministry, your first ministry to the Lord is your family? Yes, that’s right. God first and then family and then church and friends.

Now don’t misread what I’m saying. I am by no means saying do not participate in activities and functions at church. What I am saying is that if you are so busy at church you don’t have time for your family, something is wrong.

Being involved in church is how you connect to one another but God never said do it all. Actually He said the opposite. We are the body of Christ and we each serve a certain position and have different talents and gifts. God has given me a gift in an area that you may not have and you have something special that I don’t and that’s what makes each of not only unique but vital to the body.

When we fail to realize our part, we feel like we have to do it all. And that’s where religion comes in. Religion will tell you that you have to do everything. Religion will tell you that nobody signed up so you better do it. Religion will tell you that you aren’t a good Christian if you don’t host that growth group. Religion will always bring guilt and confusion. The fact of the matter is, God never said for you to do it all.

Did you know that revival starts within your home?! If you want revival at church, in your community and in your nation then you have to start in your very own home first. You can do all these wonderful things for the Lord at church but what good is it if you aren’t loving on the people right in front of you, the ones you see everyday, the ones you live with?

There isn’t a better example of who Jesus is and His desires than doing family and loving on your family. Family is such a vital aspect to God that He calls us His family and the body of Christ. We are His sons and daughters.

I want to encourage you to take special time for your family. Love on them. Do something special with them. Spend extra time with them and let Father God’s love pour out through you.



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