Thoughts from my heart


I was reminiscing on my childhood growing up and all these memories started to flood my mind. All of a sudden, I was a little girl again, so desperately wanting to belong, to feel wanted and important. Yes, I knew who God was and I was raised in a Christian home but that doesn't make it perfect. And just like everyone, I had to learn to discover God for myself.  

If I could write a letter to me growing up, it would say:


Things won’t always go your way.

You won’t be the popular girl.

People will be mean and exclude you from things.

They will talk about your freckles and call you ugly.

You won’t be invited to the parties or sleepovers.

The popular boys won’t like you.


But none of this really matters.

What matters is this:


You are enough.

You are beautiful.

You were created in God’s perfect image.

He has and always will be endlessly pursuing you.


Don’t worry about anything else besides pursuing Him back.

And when you do that, you will find your true identity in Him.

28 years old and I'm discovering more and more each day how desperately I need God more than anything else No matter what age or what I go through, His goodness is always the answer.

I don't know what your life was like growing up or even how it is now, but this one thing I do know: Darling, you are loved. You are sought after. You are priceless. You are worthy. You are chosen. You are important.

Today God wants to highlight you. He wants to let you know that no matter how anyone or anything has ever made you feel, the truth is who He says you are. You are His beloved. There's no better way to ring in the New Year than being confident in who God created you to be. So, hold your head high darling. 



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