Love is the answer

Love is the answer 

I will not be overcome by fear for I am already an overcomer in Christ Jesus. The shooting in FL left me quite speechless yet one thing always remains: His love. And His love always wins. His love always overcomes darkness and fear. That is the answer. We have been given the power to spread God’s tangible love every single day everywhere we go.


Don’t take it lightly. Don’t let another day pass by and then shift back into your own circle. I am speaking to myself. We have to do better. We have to understand and put into action that the message of Jesus is about community and discipleship.

Never underestimate the power of God’s love. Surely, if it is strong enough to put death in its grave then it’s nothing for love to heal this nation!

Love. Even when it’s not convenient. Even when it’s uncomfortable. Even when it hurts. Love is a sacrifice. Real love, Christ’s love is how we heal. It’s how we grow. It’s how we show people the difference between phony love and real love. God’s love always stands the test of time.

Politics doesn’t win people over. Opinions don’t win people over. Hate doesn’t win people. Fear doesn’t win. Christ’s Love does. People are so hungry for something real. They are searching for something to quench their thirst and it’s our job as believers to show people what they are missing. It isn’t easy and there’s never a perfect time but oh is it worth it. Love is always the answer.


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