Thoughts from my heart

I get up, fix me a cup of coffee and sit down in my comfy chair. All my bibles and devotionals are right there but then something happens. All those good intentions I had of spending time with God were thrown out the door when I decided to check my emails and social media accounts. Distraction creeps in and the hour I originally had planned quickly went to 15 minutes.
Don’t get me wrong because we all have good intentions but intentions will only get you so far.
Intention actually means the act of determining an end result or purpose.
And we all have purpose. But what is purpose without a person?!
You see, we were all created with a purpose embedded within us, and while they are each unique we share the same purpose of honoring and glorifying God.
Our person for our purpose is God himself. He is what connects us to our purpose and drives us every day to fulfill it.
It’s like this:
I have a job as a nurse working alongside a surgeon. My purpose is to assist him and make sure he has everything he needs to run smoothly. Now I can have the intention of doing a great job but if I don’t get to know Him and speak to him every day, how will I keep up? How will I know how everything is going, what He needs, or what I can do better?
I won’t. All the good intentions that I had of doing my job fell through when I failed to stay connected to the person of my purpose.
Right now, in the body of Christ, there are many who have good intentions for following through but our lack of intimacy keeps us disconnected from doing all that God wants to do.
I know this may sound a little harsh but I’ll be the first one to say that I am speaking to myself. We have got to get to business. Jesus said greater things we will do but how will we do them if we don’t stay connected?
Father God, forgive us for where our good intentions didn’t meet with actual actions. Jesus, you are worthy of it ALL. Help us to give everything and more to our purpose and keep connected with you. When distraction tries to creep in, help us to stay focused on the purpose you have given us and the many ways you want to use us! Thank you Lord that you have given us a purpose and that we will not stop until we fulfill it!

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