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Faith. And not the cheap kind where you say you believe but only if things are going your way. I’m talking about the kind that is rooted deeply, grounded in what God has spoken to you. See, it’s not enough for a promise to be spoken. Many already have. But it takes us, the groundskeepers, to keep it manicured and prepared for its arrival.

Faith requires us to respond to a promise. When God speaks a word into or over our lives, we have the decision to make. Will we have faith and believe that it will come to pass? Will we help prepare the way for it to come?  Will we focus on those promises? Or will we throw around some maybe’s? Will we fail to prepare?
Real faith is lived out and it should be the motivation for your decisions. Because when you really wholeheartedly believe in something, you change your ways to prepare for what is to come. You don’t live by “maybe’s” or “what if’s” but by the “I know’s”.
When a baby is conceived, there is nothing natural that can stop that baby from coming. In nine months, that baby  will make its arrival and you have the choice to prepare for it or fail to prepare. You get to choose what to do but you also have to live with the consequences of your choice.
Romans 4:21 in the Mirror Bible says, “Abraham’s confidence was his dress-code. He knew beyond doubt that the power of God to perform was equal to his promise.
Abraham stayed focused. He knew the promise that had been given and he never took that off. He wore his faith daily like armor. How many times do we become discouraged and take off our faith? Have you ever become disappointed or even embarrassed and removed the faith you had on?
Wear your faith. Don’t take it off for anything. Let it become so apart of who you are that you cannot do anything without it.
I encourage you to step out and do something this week that would help prepare for a promise that God has given you. You won't be disappointed.

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