Thriving not just surviving

Thriving not just surviving

It can be so easy to look at other’s lives and live vicariously through theirs but when it comes to our own, we would rather stay in our comfort zone. We would rather do what we’ve been doing the last 10 years. It’s kept us alive and making it by and that’s enough for us.


But the real question is, are we really living?


There’s surviving and then there’s thriving! Which one are you?


God has way better plans for us than just merely existing. He didn’t create us to just breathe but to be living breathing sacrifices for Him. How can we honor Him if we aren’t stepping out of the familiar into the unknown? New territory brings new rewards. When we go the extra mile and go past where we are comfortable then we are confronted with new growth, new peace, new revelation, etc.


Staying in the same place will cause us to become weak and stagnant. I’m immediately reminded of people who stay in one position for a long period of time. It causes them to become stiff, and actually harder for them to move and get up the longer they stay there.


It’s time for us to get up and get moving!God has many places and things He wants to show us. There is so much territory to cover so we mustn’t waste a minute letting fear keep us from moving forward.

 You direct me on the path that leads to a beautiful life. As I walk with You, the pleasures are never-ending, and I know true joy and contentment.
Psalm 16:11


Face your fears.Take the first step. God is right outside of the boat waiting for you with His hand out. He wants to show you things and take you places you never dreamed of. Countless times throughout the Bible God instructed people to do things that made no sense. Some things caused people to be laughed at and mocked and many lost friendships over it. But the outcome from their trust and obedience was far greater than their fear. Noah built that ark! Moses stood up to Pharoah! Daniel stood up to The King! 

Are you ready? Will you choose comfortability or adventure?


Learn that new instrument. Take that other job. Start that bible study group. Go to a different church. Move to that new city. Create those boundaries with people who have hurt you. Stand up for what you believe in. Whatever it is, do it!


My heart cry is that I wouldn’t miss one thing God has for me! And I pray you won’t miss anything either.


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