Walking Out Your Worship

Walking Out Your Worship

Last week, I found myself thinking about the previous night’s Wednesday worship service at church. Worship was amazing and God kept speaking to me after I had left church and the next morning. I couldn’t get out of my head how I would verbally tell God He is worthy but what do I actually mean. And so I began to write. To me, it means He is deserving of my praise, affection, adoration, attention, time, and money. Even more than that, what we submit to God, reveals how we view Him. When we submit things to God, it shows the measure that we deem Him worthy.


Our praise has to be more than mere words but put into action daily. We must learn to walk out our worship. I can tell God He is worthy but what in my life is showing that I feel that way.


People give excuses as to why they couldn’t do something. And while things happen, you find time to do what is important. I myself, have found it so easy time and time again to get distracted by things when I meant to spend time with God. Lord, forgive me for the number of times I have made excuses to do other things in place of spending time with you.

For your heart will always pursue what you value as your treasure. Matthew 6:21

Just like Jesus says, they will be able to see His love by the way we love others, so is true for how we worship. They will be able to see our affection and adoration for the King by how we live life.


So many times we become trapped into laziness with God. We only give Him what is easiest and convenient for us. God doesn’t want a relationship of convenience but of commitment. Are you committed to giving Him the hard things, the things that take more time, that require more of you in ways they stretch you, push you, make you feel uncomfortable and experience growing pains?


Your relationship with Christ should be going somewhere, constantly blooming. Ask yourself: If my relationship with God was only watered when it was convenient for me would it still be alive?



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  • Jasmine Byrd

    This message inspired my own walk with God and I am so grateful you were able to share that revelation! How good God is to us even at this time! God loves us so much and it’s evident to see! May we always be a light for the truth❤

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