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Celebrate, not compare

Celebrate, not compare   If you’ve ever struggled with insecurities, you know they can be a best kept secret. And just when you feel great about your life, you see someone make a post on social media or overhear someone talking and you start comparing.   They say comparison is the thief of joy. It’s more than that. Comparison will rob you blind if you let it. A friend and I recently had a conversation about comparison and how for her, just even getting on social media causes her to want things that she didn’t really want in the first place and forget about the blessings she already has. The truth is this: That new house isn’t going to make...

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Trust the Process

Trust the Process  I’m not writing this to simply make you feel warm and fuzzy. And I’m definitely not writing this to waste your time. I want to be real with you. After all, that’s what you want isn’t it?!   News Flash: As if you already didn’t know, life can throw some major curve balls your way. The thing is this: in every situation we are dealt, we have the greatest power, a choice. We cannot always control what happens to us but we always get to choose how we will respond.   On a personal level, I have been dealing with some issues. Note to self and to others reading this: googling your problems doesn’t help. I have...

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Perfect Peace

  Perfect Peace There's just something about God's peace, real peace. I've been really pondering on it lately and how true peace only comes from declaring Jesus as the Savior of your life. My life surely hasn't been short of faults and trials. I've been through some tough times and I don't doubt that you have endured difficult times, and even far worse than I have. But it's knowing that God has my back that keeps me at ease. It's trusting His promises because I know that He is good and so are His plans for my life that allow me to not worry. I was recently listening to a podcast from Bill Johnson, pastor from Bethel Church, and he spoke about...

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Love is the answer

Love is the answer  I will not be overcome by fear for I am already an overcomer in Christ Jesus. The shooting in FL left me quite speechless yet one thing always remains: His love. And His love always wins. His love always overcomes darkness and fear. That is the answer. We have been given the power to spread God’s tangible love every single day everywhere we go.   Don’t take it lightly. Don’t let another day pass by and then shift back into your own circle. I am speaking to myself. We have to do better. We have to understand and put into action that the message of Jesus is about community and discipleship. Never underestimate the power of...

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Indentity is key

Identity is key Who are you? Are you a mom, a wife, a daughter, a nurse, a worship leader, hairstylist,etc? Before you answer to any of those things, you are first and foremost a child of God. Identity. It’s why we live the way we do. Somewhere along the way, we identified ourself with something and it helped shape us into who we are and who we are becoming. And why is identity so important? Because if we don’t know who we are and believe it for ourselves, then when our identity is attacked we won’t have a firm foundation to stand on. This world we live in is constantly throwing labels as to who are supposed to be and how we are...

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